Stem Degree

Stem Degree

If the term STEM is familiar to you and you are thinking about going to college, you may consider pursuing a STEM degree. As you may know, these careers are basically related to four academic areas:  Mathematics, basic sciences, technologies, and engineering.  Any career related to any of these disciplines is a STEM degree. But you may be wondering what STEM degrees are possible under this innovative educational model.

Stem Degree

Stem Degree

There is a wide variety of STEM fields, this is why there is a range of possibilities in relation to the different STEM university degrees that are available. In fact, there is an infinite number of university degrees, ranging from Nanoscience to Aeronautics, through Web Application Development or Medicine. But, let’s review a few examples of a STEM degree and what these involve.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Animation

In this area, professional people need to be creative to answer to the demand for amazing animations for purposes like entertainment as movies, video games and also web pages, applications for cellphones, software, etc. This is one of the most demanding STEM degrees due to the animation advances in technology and the need for better animation to satisfy the diversity of programs in the entertainment world.

STEM Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science

STEM-qualified hardware engineers are at the forefront of new technologies. They perform in the research, design, development, and application of PCs systems and their parts, such as routers, memory devices, circuit boards, and networks. They develop amazing advances in technologies for a computer that is innovative and creative. This can be seen by all the set of products that are available for the public nowadays.

Stem Degree Legend

Stem Degree Legend

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry or Forensic Sciences

By having this degree, you’ll become an investigator of crime scenes. In this occupation, you will need to recollect process and analyze evidence. So this STEM degree will turn you into a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) that can collect prints, traces of materials and more for its lab analysis.  

Degree in Mechanical Engineering

The STEM Degree in Mechanical Engineering includes training for the conception and production of small devices and parts (like sensors, and injectors) to big components or products as modern cars.  The job of an engineer in mechanics is to create from scratch an innovative product and take it into to market.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

STEM-qualified nurses play an important role in health areas. They constitute the largest United States healthcare workforce. Their duties include helping doctor communicate with patients, care of patients, administration of medications, and supervision of nursing assistants.

These are just a few of the many options that exist in careers with a STEM degree. As we indicated at the beginning, the range of possibilities is expanding every day. In fact, it is possible that a large number of children who are in primary school now are employed in jobs that do not exist yet. Having a degree in STEM is a good investment nowadays.

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