Stem Program

The Stem Program

The STEM program is part of tomorrow’s workforce. Some educational institutions are taking the lead on this issue by addressing the needs of the community in which they are located and responding to the labor demand of the digital world where science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have gained undisputed relevance.

The implementation of the STEM program provides more employment opportunities in today’s growing labor need. At the same time, it allows greater access and better results for students who choose careers and certificates in those mentioned subjects.

Stem Program

Stem Program

This STEM program offers a range of multidisciplinary studies, giving students many opportunities to become innovators, educators, researchers, and workers whose work will be well paid. These students will be the leaders in the future workforce to obtain new paths and technology for today’s world and tomorrow’s world.

What is the goal of the STEM program?

The idea is to make our students understand that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are not isolated disciplines.

On the contrary, they are parts of our world, so it should be important to know them, but in an integrated way, because in that way they will help us solve problems of our real life.

Therefore, the STEM program seeks to make students understand mathematics, not as a set of boring equations to be solved, but also as the language of science, technology, and engineering.

For example, Science will help them to investigate, experience and describe phenomena and situations.

Technologies and engineering will facilitate the exercise of learning by doing and the ability to develop and implement artifacts and prototypes; they can materialize what they have learned.

How is applied a STEM program?

Although there are countries where the STEM program is applied in only one subject, in another great majority, they usually work under the integration of two or three disciplines in the same subject.

The Stem Program

The Stem Program

In addition, depending on the educational level and learning objectives, we can combine it with Project Based Learning, educational games, collaborative learning, etc.

The idea is to guide the development of learning spaces under the conception of learning by doing.

Here are some recommendations to take into account to apply for the STEM program:

  1. Students should be recognized as the main actors, and therefore, their commitment and active role in their learning should be encouraged.
  2. It is important to promote cooperative learning in order to build knowledge.
  3. The teacher will be a facilitator of learning; it will generate strategies of knowledge and motivation without forgetting emotion.
  4. To start STEAM it is important to know the previous knowledge of our students.
  5. Instructional design under STEM should promote hard work since the idea is to generate a great challenge for all students.
  6. Learning and assessment strategies should involve feedback in order to support learning.
  7. An activity or project should be sought, the elaboration of it involves a connection between the areas of knowledge and the different subjects, as well as a link with the community and its environment.


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