What does Stem stand for

What does Stem stand for?

Our society has changed dramatically during the last decade. The world necessities are far from being the same when the educational system began. That’s why it has been constantly evolving as an answer to recent needs.

What does Stem stand for

What does Stem stand for

There is no doubt that we need to know and understand science today in order to create better technology, so STEM Education appears as an educational approach. But, what does STEM stand for?


STEM Education is an acronym that stands for four specific disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a cross-disciplinary approach.

Rather than teaching them as independent subjects, this approach integrates the four areas into a coherent learning paradigm based on applications for the real world. What’s the goal of each one?


As Richard Feynman, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics established that experiment tests all knowledge; it is the sole judge for scientific truth.

In this approach, the goal is that students experiment, observe and analyze information. So, they’ll be able to answer questions with a scientific background.

What does Stem stand for?

What does Stem stand for?


It would be used to help student to relate the four STEM discipline in a way that they gain a more deep knowledge, they will be more motivated to solve problems and to create new learning opportunities. The aim is to incorporate scientific methodology assisted by electronic and computational technologies to update the experimental approach to STEM teaching.


The world’s needs depend on engineering problems fundamentally, such as poverty reduction, climate change mitigation, among others. Therefore, engineering courses need to change and be attractive to students.

In STEM, students investigate the connections between science and engineering, to learn how natural sciences and engineering practices are connected through mathematical research and technology. It is also necessary to understand how science provides engineering with the fundamentals to create solutions to real life problems.


That’s what the M in STEM stands for Mathematics, but not as an isolated theme but also as the mean to understand and measure results in our experiments, so theory and practice are integrated.

That’s what a big man of Science Lord Kelvin of Largs said that it is necessary to measure and express what you are trying to learn and understand in numbers because that is what you really know, if you can’t do it, the knowledge is unsatisfactory or even worthless.

For this reason, for the appropriate use of technologies in education is important to develop new useful metrics. Thys, STEM education help students to use them in other to answer deep question, for example, how and when technology is used and how to integrate it with education.

Nowadays, it’s important for citizen to understand science, no matter the career they choose to follow. For this reason, STEM education comes as an educational approach that aims to solve this problem. As we stated previously, STEM stands for the four fields that must be integrate to understand our world needs and solve them: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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